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Service Detail 

Customer support and satisfaction are the bases for all services we provide. If you have any other needs that are not specifically addressed below, please contact us for immediate assistance.

Our normal repair service includes a comprehensive evaluation and a quote in approximately 3 days after we receive your job. Once we receive your approval, the repair will typical be completed with in 7-10 business days, depending on parts availability.

We fully understand that turnaround time is always a consideration. Delta will accommodate your needs when you have an emergency expedited repair. Typically an expedited repair turnaround is 12-48 hours. However, any non stock item that needs to be ordered, depending on availability may change the turn around time.

Delta has the experience you are looking for. We offer over 40 years experience in the electric motor repair field. As a customer, a simple phone call or email will get you the technical support you are looking for. You will be in direct contact with the technician working on your repair. We make every effort to assist you in troubleshooting and differentiate between motor failure and outside variables.

Having a experienced team here at Delta will assure you that your repair will receive quality service. Delta does not take any short cuts on your repairs. Every repair is completely rebuilt to insure it will perform like a new unit. Delta pays attention to every little detail that adds up to an overall quality rebuild that is sure to last. Delta strives to make quality happen for every repair.







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