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Rotary Phase Converters 

Delta is a distributor for Kay Industries
Phasemaster ®

Let Delta work for you. We'll supply you with more than a phase converter. We'll be your consultants on important application issues such as

  • Sizing your service
  • Setting up the proper controls
  • Establishing wire sizes
  • Working with electricians, installers, and equipment suppliers
  • Operating multiple loads

Rotary Phase Converters

THE LEAST COST ALTERNATIVE TO UTILITY 3-PHASE—Phasemaster ® converter is simply the least expensive way to operate 3-phase equipment wherever utility 3-phase is unavailable or too expensive to obtain.

THE BENEFITS OF 3-PHASE WITHOUT THE COST—Most commercial machinery over a few horsepower is designed to operate on 3-phase power. That's because 3-phase motors are much less expensive, more readily available, run more efficiently, and last an average of 6-8 years longer than 1-phase motors.

NO EFFECT ON YOUR POWER BILL—The Phasemaster ® converter is more than 95% efficient and will not increase your utility bill.

TRUE 3-PHASE OUTPUT WITHOUT HARMONICS—The output of the Phasemaster ® converter is real 3-phase 3-wire delta.

THE MOST CAPACITY PER RATED HORSEPOWER— The Phasemaster ® rotary phase converter family is available in ratings from 1-100 HP. It will start any load regardless of torque requirements or duty cycle and enables the load to develop full rated horsepower or KW output just as if running on utility 3-phase.


  • The quietest converter you can buy, thanks to our advanced construction design and workmanship
  • All converters are available with a wide range of optional built-in controls
  • Dual voltage 230/460 on most ratings, at no charge.
  • Clearly written and easy to understand instructions assure fast installation
  • CSA certification, equivalent to UL
  • Contains no service prone parts such as electrolytic capacitors, relays, or centrifugal switches
  • No adjustments or phase balancing are required
  • And it's backed by the most comprehensive warranty and the best technical support in the industry, 24-7

All Phasemaster ® converters are designed to grow with your needs.
That means you can order the converter you need for today's requirements without concern that it will be too small in the future. As your power needs increase, simply add another converter in parallel with the original. You are limited only by the size of your 1-phase service.

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